Black Sleep of Kali - Our Slow Decade

Black Sleep of Kali - Our Slow Decade
this band is great and this debut album from them could be classed as "post-rock" but it is an apocalyptic version of it that makes the likes of Mastodon and Baroness seem kind of ordinary. Putting musical tags aside now, this album is just kick ass rock and roll with crushing riffing and it is also burning with energy. The band is more aggressive than the bands I have rather unfairly put-down as they sound closer to the likes of Elder than they do Mastodon but they still have the progressive edge that they have but Black Sleep Of Kali use it in a much more muscular way and inject a lot more aggro into the mix. "Our Slow Decay" is an album that grabs your balls and squeezes them tight for its entire duration, it can be painful but it can also produce an incredible high. This is released on the Small Stone Records label but is far more abrasive than the usual happy riff-rock that the label is mostly known for and therefore this band stands out on their roster of bands. The album is uncompromising and aggressive but with a strong sense of melody. The only minor complaint is the guitar sound which is beautifully low and heavy but sounds horribly compressed in parts which takes away some of the live-feeling of the recording and I am sure these songs would come to life even more played live. That is like I said, a minor thing but it is still there and a bit of a bug. As a band, Black Sleep Of Kali are a machine, guitars riff away with an intense energy while the drum fills are just pulverizing. The vocals of guitarist Taylor Williams are the driving force behind the melodies, his voice is a perfect match for the pummeling music. It should also be noted that Andy Patterson from Iota recorded "Our Slow Decay" for Small Stone and Iota’s Joey Toscano delivers a solo in a tune called "An End With No Beginning."

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